Sentence Examples

  • The city dates from 1701, when a gold-mining settlement was established in its ravines by Antonio Dias of Taubate.
  • The most popular of the Brazilian poets are Thomaz Antonio Gonzaga, Antonio Gonsalves Dias and Bernardo Guimaraes.
  • Of Saltillo in a rich grape-producing district, Ciudad Porfirio Dias, and Monclova (pop. 6684 in 1 9 00), 105 m.
  • De Zamacois, Historia de Mexico desde sus tiempos mas remotos hasta nostras dias, 19 vols.
  • Another poet of the same school is Balthazar Dias, the blind poet, whose simple religious autos are still performed in the villages, and are continually reprinted, the best liked being the Auto of St Alexis, and the Auto of St Catherine.