Sentence Examples

  • GEORGE DEWEY (1837-), American naval officer, was born at Montpelier, Vermont, on the 26th of December 1837.
  • Congress, in a joint resolution, tendered its thanks to Commodore Dewey, and to the officers and men under his command, and authorized "the secretary of the navy to present a sword of honor to Commodore George Dewey, and cause to be struck bronze medals commemorating the battle of Manila Bay, and to distribute such medals to the officers and men of the ships of the Asiatic squadron of the United States."
  • After remaining in the Philippines under orders from his government to maintain control, Dewey received the rank of admiral (March 3, 1899) - that title, formerly borne only by Farragut and Porter, having been revived by act of Congress (March 2, 1899), - and returned home, arriving in New York City, where, on the 3rd of October 1899, he received a great ovation.
  • Dewey Hall (1902), the administration building, was named in honour of Admiral George Dewey, a former student in the university.
  • In 1879 an estimate made of all Federal war expenses up to that date, including pension charges, interest on loans, &c., showed a total of $6,190,000,000 (Dewey, Financial History of the United States).