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A professor in the Department of Defense Analysis at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, who has published more than 100 journal articles and four books on topics such as terrorism, conflict and cyberspace, cryptography, information warfare and national security. Dr. Denning has received a number of awards in her honor, including the Augusta Ada Lovelace Award as well as the National Computer Systems Security Award. Her compelling paper entitled “Is Cyber Terror Next?” appeared in the 2002 book Understanding September 11, by Craig Calhoun, Paul Price, and Ashley Timmer. In February 2005, Dr. Denning was honored with the 2004 Harold F. Tipton Award to recognize her lifelong contributions to the enhancement of information security. Her work Web page can be found at http://www Howe, K. Computer Security Pioneer Honored. [Online, March 11, 2005.] Knight Ridder Website. 11109598.htm; Naval Postgraduate School. Dorothy Denning. [Online, March 20, 2005.] Naval Postgraduate School Website.
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