Sentence Examples

  • Daniel Day-Lewis went on to play major and minor roles on stage, television and film for the next few years, including the lead role in 1988's The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis is an accomplished actor who is widely revered by his Hollywood peers who often compare him to Marlon Brando and call him the "consummate professional."
  • His father, Cecil Day-Lewis, is the Poet Laureate of England and a successful author (under the pen name Nicholas Blake) and his mother, Jill Balcon, was an actress.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis has a history of tiring of the film industry, once leaving to become a cabinet maker and again leaving the industry to become a cobbler.
  • The following years would find Daniel Day-Lewis acting in many of his high school plays and traveling the country with the National Youth Theater.