Sentence Examples

  • Tao is pronounced as Dow and is also spelled as Dao.
  • The second season winner of Project Runway was Chloe Dao.
  • Its estuary contains the important harbour of Figueira da Foz; its chief tributaries are the Dao on the right, and the Alva, Ceira and Arunca on the left; its length is 125 m.
  • North of the Mondego it includes Montemuro (4534 ft.), separating the Douro from the upper waters of its left-hand tributary the Paiva; Gralheira (3681 ft.) between the Paiva and the Vouga; the Serra do Caramullo (35 11 ft.), between the Vouga and the Dao; and the Serra da Lapa (3215 ft.), which gives rise to the Paiva, Tavora, Vouga and ado.
  • L aa k -x 2 d d- = 0; Z(nk)ak+l adk - x ldd2=0; or in the form d d 52-x 2(7 =0, O - x1ax2 = 0; where 0 = ao d a l + 2a 1 -?...+na,,_id an, 0 = nal dao -?