Sentence Examples

  • See Rasmus Nyerup, Bernstorffs Eftermaele (KjObenhavn, 1799); Peter Edward Holm, Danmark-Norges udenrigske Historie (Copenhagen, 1875); Danmarks Riges Historie V.
  • Hoegh-Guldberg (Copenhagen, 18 99); and Bernstorfferne og Danmark (Copenhagen, 1903).
  • Vedel (Copenhagen, 1882); Aage Friis, Bernstorfferne og Danmark (Copenhagen, 1899).
  • DENMARK (Danmark), a small kingdom of Europe, occupying part of a peninsula and a group of islands dividing the Baltic and North Seas, in the middle latitudes of the eastern coast.
  • P. Trap, Statistisk Topographisk Beskrivelse of Kongeriget Danmark (Copenhagen, 1859-1860, 3 vols., 2nd ed., 1872-1879); V.

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