Sentence Examples

  • Italian action was hastened by news that, in December 1884, an exploring party under Signor Bianchi, royal commissioner for Assab, had been massacred in the Aussa (Danakil) country, an event which aroused in Italy a desire to punish the assassins and to obtain satisfaction for the still unpunished massacre of Signor Giulietti and his companions.
  • By the Danakil country; S.
  • French interest in the Somali and Danakil coasts dates from the days of the Second Empire.
  • The cession of Obok was ratified by a treaty (signed on the 11th of March 1862) between the French government and various Danakil chiefs.
  • (For statistics see Somaliland, French.) The inhabitants are of many races - Somali, Danakil, Gallas, Armenians, Jews, Arabs, Indians, besides Greeks, Italians, French and other Europeans.

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