Sentence Examples

  • 1841-1849), as well as half a volume of Apercus nouveaux sur l'histoire de Jeanne d'Arc, in which it seems that the last word has been said on important points.
  • He died suddenly at Paris on the 8th of April 1882, a short time after having corrected the proofs of d'Arc, published in the Revue historique.
  • After the siege was raised, Suffolk was defeated and taken prisoner by Jeanne d'Arc at Jargeau on the 12th of June 1429.
  • James now granted his daughter, a child, to the Dauphin, later Louis XI.; but, as Jeanne d'Arc said, " the daughter of the king of Scotland could not save Orleans," then (1428-1429) besieged in a desultory manner by the English.
  • The surviving Scots fought under Jeanne d'Arc till her last success, at Lagny, under Sir Hugh Kennedy of Ardstinchar in Ayrshire, but James (May, June 1429) made a treaty of peace with Cardinal Beaufort, which enabled Beaufort to send large reinforcements into Paris, where the Maid, deserted by Charles VII., failed a few months later.