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  • These observations have been verified in the rabbit, mouse, fowl, guinea-pig and cat by Davidsohn, occasionally in the dog by Lubarsch; and confirmatory observations have also been made by Czerny and Maximoff.
  • At Vienna he had lessons in pianoforte playing from Carl Czerny of " Velocity " fame, and from Salieri in harmony and analysis of scores.
  • The score was accidentally destroyed by fire, but a set of studies a la Czerny and Cramer, belonging to 1826 and published at Marseilles as 12 Etudes, op. i., is extant, and shows remarkable precocity.
  • About Liszt's pianoforte technique in general it may be said that it derives its efficiency from the teaching of Czerny, who brought up his pupil on Mozart, a little Bach and Beethoven, a good deal of Clementi and Hummel, and a good deal of his (Czerny's) own work.
  • Classicism in the shape of solid, respectable Hummel on the one hand, and Carl Czerny, a trifle flippant, perhaps, and inclined to appeal to the gallery, on the other, these gave the musical parentage of young Liszt.

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