Sentence Examples

  • CYTHERA (mod.
  • Cerigo, but still officially known as Cythera), one of the Ionian islands, situated not less than i 50 m.
  • In the church of St Kosmas are preserved some of the archaic Doric columns of the famous temple of Aphrodite of Cythera, whose worship had been introduced from Syria, and ultimately spread over Greece.
  • Laconia has few good harbours, nor are there any islands lying off its shores with the exception of Cythera (Cerigo), S.
  • Gradually individual cities which had formed part of the Athenian empire returned to their alliance with Athens, until the Spartans had lost Rhodes, Cos, Nisyrus, Teos, Chios, Mytilene, Ephesus, Erythrae, Lemnos, Imbros, Scyros, Eretria, Melos, Cythera, Carpathus and Delos.