Sentence Examples

  • CUTTACK, a city and district of British India in the Orissa division of Bengal.
  • The best harbour in Cuttack district is at False Point, on the north of the Mahanadi estuary.
  • In 1803 Raghoji joined Sindhia against the British; the result was the defeat of the allies at Assaye and Argaon, and the treaty of Deogaon, by which Raghoji had to cede Cuttack, Sambalpur and part of Berar.
  • The Cuttack delta is divided into two great valleys, one of them lying between the Baitarani and the Brahmani,'the other between the Brahmani and the Mahanadi.
  • The Mahavinayaka peak, visible from Cuttack, has been consecrated for ages to Siva-worship by ascetics and pilgrims.

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