Sentence Examples

  • If you're wondering how CRM customer relationship management tools can have a positive impact on your business, the answer will become obvious when you consider the benefits of adopting and using one of these types of systems.
  • A CRM or customer relationship management software helps a company track customers' data including contact data, sales history, and interaction history, such as customer service issues or sales calls.
  • If you find yourself searching for customer contact information rather than interacting with existing customers or prospecting for new ones, it's easy to see how a CRM system can be beneficial.
  • This may shorten the learning curve for employees using a CRM system for the first time, since many of the screens look and function similarly to the popular software packages used every day.
  • The company touts this CRM system as easy to use and deploy, although the ease of use often depends upon the training and support provided during the initial adoption phase by a company.