Sentence Examples

  • Craigie in 1859.
  • About this time began his acquaintance with David Hume, which afterwards ripened into friendship. In 1751 he was elected professor of logic at Glasgow, and in 1752 was transferred to the chair of moral philosophy, which had become vacant by the death of Thomas Craigie, the successor of Hutcheson.
  • To the south are the wood-clad heights of Moncrieffe Hill (725 ft.), Magdalenes Hill (596 ft.), Kirkton Hill (540 ft.) and Craigie Wood (407) ft.
  • About the same time he bought, and fixed his residence in, the Craigie House, where he had formerly only been a lodger, an old "revolutionary house," built about the beginning of the, 8th century, and occupied by General Washington in 1776.
  • Craigie Robertson, Hist.