Sentence Examples

  • He was elected on the 1st of August 1559; but it was difficult to find the requisite four bishops willing and qualified to consecrate him, and not until the 17th of December did Barlow, Scory, Coverdale and Hodgkins perform that ceremony at Lambeth.
  • It appeared in the English Bible in Tyndale's translation of the Pentateuch (1530), and is found in all English Protestant versions of the 16th century except that of Coverdale ('' 1 535) In the Authorized Version of 161 i it occurs in Exod.
  • (Grenville 12179.) Meanwhile a complete English Bible was being prepared by Miles Coverdale, an Augustinian friar who was afterwards for a few years (1551-1553) bishop of Exeter.
  • P g 4 535 is evident that Coverdale must have been engaged on the preparation of the work for the press at almost as early a date as Tyndale.
  • 120) that Coverdale was with Tyndale at Hamburg in 1529, and it is probable that most of his time before 1535 was spent abroad, and that his translation, like that of Tyndale, was done out of England.