Sentence Examples

  • Francois Millet and Gustave Courbet, French artists residing in a small village outside Paris, took a similar approach to their work.
  • Courbet and Royer's edition, to have been somewhat wantonly corrupted, especially in the important point of spelling.
  • Courbet and Royer (1872-1900) is at present the standard.
  • Jules Breton has coloured the days of toil with sentiment; others, like Courbet, whose eccentric "Funeral at Ornans" attracted more notice at the Salon of 1850 than Millet's "Sowers and Binders," have treated similar subjects as a vehicle for protest against social misery; Millet alone, a peasant and a miserable one himself, saw true, neither softening nor exaggerating what he saw.
  • GUSTAVE COURBET (1819-1877), French painter, was born at Ornans (Doubs) on the 10th of June 1819.