Sentence Examples

  • In it we must distinguish (1) Portuguese (Portuguez, perhaps a contraction from the old Porlugalez = Portugalensis), the language of the kingdom of Portugal and its colonies in Africa, Asia and America (Brazil); (2) Galician (Gallego), or the language of the old kingdom of Galicia (the modern provinces of Pontevedra, La Coruna, Orense, and Lugo) and of a portion of the old kingdom of Leon (the territory of Vierzo in the province of Leon).
  • In 1809 he relinquished his professional work in London, and rendered meritorious services to the wounded from Coruna, who were brought to the Haslar hospital at Portsmouth.
  • On the opposite side of Betanzos Bay (the p yas Acµl i v or Portus Magnus of the ancients) is the great port of Corunna or Coruna.