Sentence Examples

  • Comparetti's Edipo and Jebb's introduction for the Oedipus of Dryden, Corneille and Voltaire; A.
  • THOMAS CORNEILLE (1625-1709), French dramatist, was born at Rouen on the 10th of August 1625, being nearly twenty years younger than his brother, the great Corneille.
  • It has been the custom to speak of Thomas Corneille as of one who, but for the name he bore, would merit no notice.
  • But of Laodice, Comma, Stilico and some other pieces, Pierre Corneille himself said that "he wished he had written them," and he was not wont to speak lightly.
  • Thomas Corneille is in many ways remarkable in the literary gossip-history of his time.