Sentence Examples

  • On the left bank of the Lys is the Oudeburg (s'Gravenstein, Château des Contes), the former castle of the first counts of Flanders, dating from 1180 and now restored.
  • Cosquin in his Contes Lorrains, and by Mr J.
  • Speaking of the tales told of Arthur, he says:- "Ne tot mencunge, ne tot veir, Ne tot fable, ne tot saveir, Tant ont li conteor conte, Et li fableor tant fable Por for contes embeleter Que tout ont fait fable sembler."
  • His Contes et fables indiennes de Bidpai et de Lokman was published (1724) after his death.
  • This was drawn up, not in Latin, but in Norman French, and was passed "par le assentement des erceveskes, eveskes, abbes, priurs, contes, barons, et la communaute de la tere ileokes somons."