Sentence Examples

  • In the spring of 1792 he received the rank of marechal de camp in command of the cavalry in the army of the north; but the influence of the extremists becoming predominant he took indefinite leave of absence, and settled at Auteuil, where, with Condorcet and Cabanis, he devoted himself to scientific studies.
  • De C. Condorcet, Eloge de Roberval (Paris, 1773): J.
  • The principal older biographies are those of Dupont de Nemours (1782, enlarged in his edition of Turgot's Works, 1807-1811), and Condorcet (1786); the best modern ones are those of A.
  • The president was Condorcet, and amongst the members were the duc de la Rochefoucault, the Abbe Gregoire, Brissot, Claviere, Petion and La Fayette; Mirabeau was an active sympathizer.
  • Condorcet and other Encyclopedists, he later closely associated himself.