Sentence Examples

  • Or COMINES Commines (Flem.
  • Among the most prominent of these men in addition to Brae, Chevalier and Chabannes, were Tristan Lermite, Jean de Daillon, Olivier le Dain (the barber), and after 1472, Philippe de Commines, drawn from the service of Charles the Bold of Burgundy, who became his most intimate adviser and biographer.
  • His heartlessness toward the former provoked even an accomplice like Commines to protest.
  • (edited by Charavay and Vaesen, 8 vols., 1883-1902), the celebrated Memoires of Philippe de Commines and the Journal of Jean de Royl naturally come first.
  • Lord Rivers is spoken of by Commines as "un tresgentil chevalier," and by Sir Thomas More as "a right honourable man, as valiant of hand as politic in counsel."