Collaborative Computing Definition

An interactive multimedia conferencing application that enables multiple parties to collaborate on textual and graphic documents. Through special software, each party to the call can contribute to such documents, working together with the other parties. During such a collaborative session, the original text document is saved, while each party contributes changes that are identifiable as such, by contributor. When the parties agree to the collaborative edits and enhancements, the entire text file is refreshed and saved. Similarly, a design or a concept can be developed graphically and on a collaborative basis through whiteboarding, much as the parties would do on a physical whiteboard in a face-toface meeting. Typically, each party to the conference has access to a special whiteboard pad and stylus, which is used to draw. Each party can modify the initial drawing, with each individual's contribution identified by separate color. Again, and once the group has agreed on the final graphic rendition, the graphic is saved and all screens are refreshed.
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