Sentence Examples

  • Clemenceau and Camille Pelletan as an arbitrator in the Carmaux strike (1892).
  • Clemenceau to discredit the ministry, which gave place to a cabinet under the direction of M.
  • Clemenceau and Lloyd George found themselves between two irreconcilable standpoints - between Sonnino, who claimed the liberal fulfilment of their treaty pledges, with the addition of the port of Fiume, and President Wilson, 'who refused all cognizance of the secret treaties and regarded them as expressly abrogated by the Allies when they accepted his successive notes as the basis of the Armistice.
  • At last on Dec. 9 1919 the Supreme Council (Clemenceau, Polk and Crowe) addressed a memorandum to Italy, outlining new terms of settlement - viz.
  • 13 Clemenceau and Lloyd George addressed new proposals to the Yugosla y s, in the form of a scarcely veiled ultimatum.