Sentence Examples

  • In 1819 he removed with his parents to Chillicothe, Ohio, where he attended the local academy for two years, studied law in the office of his uncle, William Allen,' and in 1835 was admitted to the bar, becoming his uncle's law partner.
  • Resentment was aroused by the establishment of branches of the Bank of the United States at Chillicothe and Cincinnati in 1817, and an attempt was made to tax them out of existence.
  • State officials broke into the vaults of the Chillicothe branch in 1819 and took out $100,000 due for taxes.
  • Their chief towns were Massieville or Manchester (17 9 o) and Chillicothe (1796).
  • (For the settlement of the eastern boundary, see Pennsylvania.) After having been temporarily at Marietta, Cincinnati, Chillicothe and Zanesville the capital was established at Columbus in 1816.

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