Sentence Examples

  • The greatest of Spanish writers, Cervantes, was born at Alcala de Henares, and baptized in the otherwise insignificant church of S.
  • Cervantes was undoubtedly present, and had his left hand shattered by a Turkish bullet.
  • The truth of the matter, however, has been expressed by Cervantes, through the mouth of the Canon in Don Quixote: " There is no doubt there was such a man as the Cid, but much doubt whether he achieved what is attributed to him."
  • Manzanares is one of the chief towns of La Mancha, and thus in the centre of the district described by Cervantes in Don Quixote.
  • The feelings with which they were regarded are admirably shown by Cervantes (who shared them to the full) in his "Conversation of the Two Dogs."