Sentence Examples

  • The famous salt-cellar (saliera) of Benvenuto Cellini, executed in 1539-43 for Francis I.
  • At his court he installed Benvenuto Cellini, Francesco Primaticcio and Rosso del Rosso, but in the buildings at Chambord, St Germain, Villers-Cotterets and Fontainebleau the French tradition triumphed over the Italian.
  • One of his greatest successes was as Benvenuto Cellini, in which he displayed his ability both as an actor and as a sculptor, really modelling before the eyes of the audience a statue of Hebe.
  • Cellini, the great Florentine artist of the 16th century, has described it fully in his Trattato della Scultura.
  • Cellini, 1882), and Giovanni de Bologna in the latter part of the same century inherited to some extent the skill and artistic power of the great 15th-century artists.