Sentence Examples

  • Joao de Castro (1545-1548) - were men of marked ability and high character.
  • De Castro, Stonia d haifa dat 1789 at 1814 (1881).
  • De Castro, Stonia d Italic dal 1797 at 1814 (Milan, 1881); A.
  • In Venezuela a commission for producing a Plano militar or military map of the country was appointed by General Castro in 1904, but little progress seems to have been made, and meantime we are dependent upon a revised edition of A.
  • Previously the several districts formally recognized were Latium, the Marittima (or sea-board) and Campagna, the patrimony of Saint Peter, the duchy of Castro, the Orvietano, the Sabina, Umbria, the Perugino, the March of Ancona, Romagna, the Bolognese, the Ferrarese, and the duchies of Benevento and of Pontecorvo.