Sentence Examples

  • First, you play Jack Carver, a retired Navy commando giving an exploration tour of an obscure island with well-to-do tourists (hidden dinosaur island in Jurassic Park).
  • Far Cry for the PC is a single player, first-person action shooter where you play Jack Carver, a guy who was hired to transport a woman around the Pacific Ocean.
  • But there are secrets to unfold and Jack Carver gets caught up in the island and everything it has to offer, (The Island of Dr. Moreau, anyone?).
  • Among the artists of early times it is often difficult to distinguish between the carver of wood and the caster of bronze.
  • He was at first pantler, then carver, titles which are misleading as to the nature of his services, which were those of a diplomatist; and in 1457 he became a member of the ducal council.