Sentence Examples

  • In the beginning of 1772 his ambition was stimulated by the nomination to the 'second place in council in Bengal with a promise of the reversion of the governorship when Mr Cartier should retire.
  • In the following year Cartier sailed up the river as far as the Lachine Rapids, to the spot where Montreal now stands.
  • On the fall of the Brown-Dorion administration in 1858 he was called on to form a ministry, but declined the task, and became finance minister under Sir John Macdonald and Sir George Cartier on condition that the federation of the British North American provinces should become a part of their programme.
  • To his diplomacy was due the coalition in 1864 between Macdonald, Brown and Cartier, which carried the federation of the British North American provinces, and throughout the three years of negotiation which followed his was one of the chief influences.
  • Winsor, Cartier to Frontenac (1894); N.