Sentence Examples

  • The cover pictured a character looking like Carnac the Magnificent from the old Johnny Carson TV show.
  • CARSON CITY, the capital of Nevada, U.S.A., and the county seat of Ormsby county, about 120 m.
  • Carson City (named in honour of Christopher Carson) was settled in 1851 as a trading post, was laid out as a town in 1858, was made the capital of the state and the county seat of the newly erected county in 1861, and was chartered as a city in 1875.
  • Such are the Great Salt Lake and Carson deserts in the north, the Mohave and Colorado and Amargosa (Death Valley) deserts of the south-west.
  • This stream empties into the Humboldt lake, the overflow from which goes into the so-called Carson Sink.