Sentence Examples

  • All Caron face powder, Rose and other scents and tones included, are manufactured in a one of a kind workshop in the heart of Paris, and is only available in a minimal amount of stores.
  • They continue to daily replicate the originally designed scents, while discovering new ones that fit in line with the philosophy of what Caron Paris has always stood for - excellence and finery for those who want the best for their skin.
  • Caron Paris has a touch of a romantic story inside every bottle of fragrance and every jar of powder they produce, as many of the products were inspired by Daltroff's unrequited love to a young woman named Felicie Wanpouille.
  • Caron rarely sells its products online directly, and going to purchase a product for yourself is more like a grand adventure rather than a typical drugstore visit.
  • Caron powder is a great find recommended for any woman who wants to experience the look and feel of Parisian beauty without having to fly all the way to Europe.