Sentence Examples

  • It was followed by the entry of Jesus into Capernaum, where He was asked to heal the servant of a Roman officer.
  • But that it is not in its right position here, before any mention of the work in Capernaum, appears from verse 23.
  • John omits, at the last supper, its central point, the great historic act of the holy eucharist, carefully given by the Synoptists and St Paul, having provided a highly doctrinal equivalent in the discourse on the living bread, here spoken by Jesus in Capernaum over a year before the passion (vi.
  • 3 2 -34, 37 (excitement at Capernaum); 3 8, 45 (fame spreads through a wide district); iii.
  • 38 (tour in the neighbourhood of Capernaum); v.

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