Sentence Examples

  • Other notable buildings within the line of the old fortifications are the Gothic Augustine church, built in the 14th century, and containing a fine monument of Canova; the Capuchin church, with the burial vault of the Habsburgs; the church of Maria-Stiegen, an interesting Gothic building of the 14th century, restored in 1820; the handsome Greek church, by T.
  • The Palazzo Tadini contains a gallery of old pictures, some sculptures by Benzoni and Canova, and a zoological collection.
  • By Canova (1803), fountains, pavilions and four rows of trees adorn the PaseO de Carlos III.
  • In Plaza Bolivar is a statue of Liberty by Pietro Tenerani (1789-1869), a pupil of Canova, and in Plaza Santander is one of General Francisco de Paula Santander (1792-1840).
  • In front of Prince Paskevich's castle stands an equestrian statue of the Polish general Joseph Poniatowski, and in the cathedral is the tomb of the chancellor Nikolai Petrovich Rumantsev, .by Canova.