Sentence Examples

  • Erb's palsy or paralysis-A condition caused by an injury to the upper brachial plexus, involving the cervical nerves C5, C6, and sometimes C7, affecting the upper arm and the rotation of the lower arm.
  • C6 and Z06: For the serious young fan, which includes toddlers, this 100 percent cotton shirt in white features pictures of a silver C6 convertible and a red Z06 beside it.
  • Most injuries to the brachial plexus during birth involve the C5 and C6 nerve roots, affecting the movement of the shoulder, upper arm, and elbow.
  • Some popular tunings are C6 (C-E-G-A-C-E) and Dobro (G-B-D-G-B-D), but there are many, many other tunings with which lap steel players experiment.
  • The nerves of the brachial plexus are the fifth through the eighth cervical nerves (C5, C6, C7, and C8) and the first thoracic nerve (T1).