Sentence Examples

  • Costs range between $700 for the non-digital Queen c2 model to nearly $5,000 for the top of the line i10 model mattress.
  • A C1 crampon is designed for very basic hiking while C2 is suitable for moderate skill-level mountaineering.
  • For example, if you have a B2 boot, you could use a C2 or C1 crampon.
  • Crampons are marked with grades C1, C2 and C3.
  • Hence the note produced with any given circle of holes rises in pitch as the disk revolves more rapidly; and if, the revolution of the disk being kept as steady as possible, the tube be passed rapidly across the circles of the first series, a series of notes is heard, which, if the lowest be denoted by C, form the sequence C, C1, El, G1, C2, &c. In like manner, the first circle in which we have two sets of holes dividing the circumference, the one into say 8 parts, and the other into Io,.