Sentence Examples

  • Araucaria Bidwilli, the Bunya-Bunya pine, found on the mountains of southern Queensland, between the rivers Brisbane and Burnett, at 27° S.
  • So far the mud-fish has been found only in the Mary and the Burnett rivers.
  • A certain historical interest also attaches to the Burnett prize essays on theism: 1815, 1st prize, W.
  • He was an unsuccessful competitor for the Burnett prize offered in 1811 for an essay on the existence and attributes of God.
  • John Cutt, president..1679-1681Richard Waldron, president..1681-1682Edward Cranfield, lieutenant-governor.1682-1685Walter Barefoot, deputy-governor.1685-1686Joseph Dudley, president of Council for New England.1686-1687Edmund Andros, governor-general of New England..1687-1689Without a government.1689-1690Nominally united with Massachusetts1690-1692Samuel Allen, governor.1692-1698Richard Coote, earl of Bellamont, governor1699-1701Joseph Dudley, governor.1702-1715Samuel Shute, governor..1716-1723John Wentworth, lieutenant-governor1723-1728William Burnett, governor1729-1730Jonathan Belcher, governor.1730-1741Benning Wentworth, governor.1741-1767John Wentworth, governor.