Sentence Examples

  • He was introduced to public life and to court by his neighbour in Yorkshire, George, 2nd duke of Buckingham, was elected M.P. for York in 1665, and gained the "first step in his future rise" by joining Buckingham in his attack on Clarendon in 1667.
  • The result was that Shaftesbury, Buckingham, Wharton and Salisbury were sent to the Tower.
  • Silk Buckingham, and he was a regular contributor for the rest of his life.
  • An able pamphlet attacking the administration of the marquess of Buckingham in 17 9 0 brought him to the notice of the Whig club; and in September 1791 he wrote a remarkable essay over the signature "A Northern Whig," of which Io,000 copies are said to have been sold.
  • Leaders of the Cabal ministry, Buckingham and Arlington.