Sentence Examples

  • 9 eneZd He .aop elo P-or o Alegre VP P'S Continuatio Southward ul (Same Scale) G 46° na, Sao own Para Blumenau 4d
  • At Blumenau, on the Santa Catharina coast, the annual rainfall is 53 in.
  • The last fight was that of Blumenau near Pressburg on the 22nd; this was broken off at the stated time.
  • A number of prosperous German colonies - the largest and best known of which are Blumenau, Dona Francisca, Joinville, Itajahy, Brusque, Dom Pedro and Sao Bento - are devoted chiefly to agriculture.
  • The capital of the state is Florianopolis also called Santa Catharina and Desterro, and its other towns are Blumenau, Lages (9356), Laguna (7282), Joinville (13,996), Itajahy (8875), Brusque (8094), Sao Jose (11,820), opposite Florianopolis, Tubarao (5495) and Sao Francisco (5583), a good port in the northern part of the state in direct communication with a majority of the German colonies.