Sentence Examples

  • Blum, New Guinea and der Bismarck Archipel (Berlin); Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Travel; Malaysia and Pacific Archipelagoes (new issue, edited by Dr F.
  • Blum, Die deutsche Revolution 1848-1849 (Florence, 1897) and Des deutsche Reich cur Zeit Bismarcks (Leipzig, 1893); W.
  • Blum, Furst Bismarck und seine Zeit (Munich, 1895).
  • The moral of the victory was painted for all the world by the military execution of Robert Blum, whose person, as a deputy of the German parliament, should have been sacrosanct.
  • Liebknecht was the author of numerous pamphlets and books, of which the most important were: Robert Blum and seine Zeit (Nuremberg, 1892); Geschichte der Franzosischen Revolution (Dresden, 1890); Die Emser Depesche (Nuremberg, 1899) and Robert Owen (Nuremberg, 1892).