Sentence Examples

  • While it is certainly possible to simply alter the template already in place on Blogger, it is often easier to let others do the bulk of the work for you, and just find a template that already somewhat matches your personal style.
  • You also have the option to use an external feed processing service by using the "Post Feed Redirect URL" option within the "Site Feed" tab in your Blogger account (see "Other Blogs" below).
  • While it is something of a technical challenge to learn how to use dreamweaver to edit Blogger templates, it's not as hard as it might seem, and the payoff is both a stunning customized blog and more knowledge of HTML and other web tools.
  • The big blue button is where you get out of the realm of creating a Blogger Profile (notice the links to establish that on the left side of the page) and into the business of actually making your own online journal.
  • Blog programs can include web-based programs like Blogger or LiveJournal, but they are not designed for educational purposes, nor do they offer the supervisory features you'll want in place for elementary students.