Sentence Examples

  • The principal groups are those in the Lakes of Bourget, Geneva, Neuchatel, Bienne, Zurich and Constance lying to the north of the Alps, and in the Lakes Maggiore, Varese, Iseo and Garda lying to the south of that mountain range.
  • The settlement of Sutz, one of the largest in the Lake of Bienne, extends over six acres, and was connected with the shore by a gangway nearly roo yds.
  • At any rate he thought he was menaced if he was not, and migrated to the Ile St Pierre in the Lake of Bienne, where he once more for a short, and the last, time enjoyed that idyllic existence which he loved.
  • (3) The Seeland (Lakeland) and the Jura, extending from Bienne and its lake across the Jura to Porrentruy in the plains and to the upper course of the Birs.
  • The capital is Bern, while the other important towns are Bienne, Burgdorf, Delemont or Delsberg (50J3 inhabitants), Porrentruy or Pruntrut (6959 inhabitants), Thun, and Langenthal (4799 inhabitants).