Sentence Examples

  • There are many big-name stores such as Bernhardt, Broyhill, and Thomasville, along with many other smaller name stores that also offer high-quality items.
  • It was first introduced in the late 1800s, when actress Sarah Bernhardt portrayed a character named Princess Fedora in a play titled Fedora.
  • Smith, of Cambridge, in 1759, had the organ of Trinity College, built by Bernhardt Schmidt, lowered a whole tone, to reduce it to certain Roman pitch pipes made about 1720.
  • Bernhardt Schmidt, better known in England as Father Smith, was invited about 1660 to build the organ for the Chapel Royal, Whitehall; two years later he built the organ in Durham Cathedral a' 474.1, difference a whole tone, and practically agreeing with the Cammerton of Praetorius.
  • Bernhardt, Bruder Bertold von Regensburg (1905); A.