Sentence Examples

  • A Cabinet was formed, with Dr. Kramaf, who during the war had been sentenced to death for treason and afterwards reprieved, as premier, and Dr. Benes as foreign minister.
  • On the 18th the Provisional Government at Paris issued a declaration of independence, signed by Prof. Masaryk, Dr. Benes and Gen.
  • " Our policy," said Dr. Benes in 1921, " is a policy of peace: in domestic affairs our programme is the logical sequel to our foreign policy, namely, social and racial order and justice, and unremitting effort on behalf of social and political democracy.
  • The Yugosla y s were represented by Trumbic and his Committee and by 12 deputies of the Serbian Skupstina, the Czechoslovaks by Benes and Stefanik, the Poles by Zamorski, Skirmunt and Seyda, the Rumanians by Draghicescu, Lupu and Mironescu.
  • In the words of Dr. Benes, " the Czechoslovak Government regards the conflict with the Poles as definitively ended and is desirous of systematically pursuing a policy of rapprochement."