Sentence Examples

  • The southern district, which includes the white marl region of Beersheba, was in ancient times called the Negeb.
  • From north to south (the proverbial " Dan to Beersheba "), with a breadth varying from 25 to 80 m., i.e.
  • To the east of the Jordan he held rule from Aroer to Gad and Gilead; on its west his power extended from Beersheba in the south to Dan and Ijon at the foot of Hermon.
  • Beersheba, which figures in both, is celebrated by the planting of a sacred tree and (like Bethel) by the invocation of the name of Yahweh.
  • Like his father, Isaac lived a nomadic pastoral life, but within much narrower local limits, south of Beersheba (Gen.

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