Sentence Examples

  • BEDE, Beda, or Beeda (672 or 6 73-735), English historian and theologian.
  • Beda der Ehrwierdige and seine Zeit, by Dr Karl Werner (Vienna, 1875), is excellent.
  • Aitchison also mentions the almond as wild in some parts of Afghanistan, where it is known to the natives as "beda,m," the same word that they apply to the cultivated almond.
  • Kharid, the ancient Caminacum, and Kharibat el Beda, the Nesca of Pliny, where the Sabaean army was defeated by the Romans under Aelius Gallus in 24 B.C. From El Jail Halevy travelled northward, passing the oasis of Khab, and skirting the great desert, reached the fertile district of Nejran, where he found a colony of Jews, with whom he spent several weeks in the oasis of Makhlaf.
  • The homilies of Beda are marked by a tender devoutness, and here and there rise to glowing eloquence.

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