Sentence Examples

  • The Ancona Bde., freshly come into line, lay from Monte Maggio to Campomolon, while the Cagliari Bde.
  • The Roma Bde., or rather what was left of it, was coming back in the Vallarsa, and Col Santo had been evacuated by the territorials, while the command of the sector had lost touch with the Alpine battalions.
  • The Volturno Bde., of the 10th Div., which was on its way to reinforce another threatened sector, was diverted to the more critical point.
  • On May r8 the Austrian attacks, supported by very violent artillery fire, broke the front of the Ancona Bde., and the rest of the 35th Div., threatened on the flank, withdrew during the night.
  • And the XIV., its front-line division (the 32nd) taking over the gallant Grenadier Bde., which had suffered very severely in the Cengio and Val Canaglia fighting, and the 33rd being held in second line till June 7, when it replaced the 32nd.