Sentence Examples

  • While ballet barres can be expensive to buy and install, they are one of the most essential pieces of equipment for a dance studio, which means that it is not something to look for a good deal on.
  • Although portable ballet barres can be a great solution in studios that have multiple purposes or that have limited space, safety is also an important consideration for portable barres.
  • Barres can be placed along one, two, three, or even all four sides of a room in order to increase the number of students who can practice, stretch, and work out in any given studio.
  • Always adhere to the safety recommendations, including on what types of surfaces to use the barres, and how many students (and of what age/size) should use any one barre at a time.
  • Most dance studios, even those that do not offer ballet classes, are equipped with a few pieces of standard equipment, including ballet barres and a huge mirror covering one wall.