Sentence Examples

  • The archbishop of Venezuela resides in Caracas and has ecclesiastical jurisdiction over the dioceses of Ciudad Bolivar, Calabozo, Barquisimeto, Merida and Maracaibo.
  • Hence it may be considered to terminate where the Rio Cojedes, which drains the elevated valley in which Barquisimeto stands, after rising on its western slopes flows eastwards into the basin of the Orinoco.
  • The two systems of folds meet about Barquisimeto, where the structure becomes very complex and is not thoroughly understood.
  • An important line connects the thriving city of Barquisimeto with the port of Tucacas.
  • The Church hierarchy consists of one archbishop (Caracas) and four suffragan bishops (Merida, Guayana, Barquisimeto and Guarico).

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