Sentence Examples

  • Mariel, Cabanas, Banes, Sagua la Grande and Baracoa on the N., and Manzanillo, Santa Cruz, Batabano and Trinidad on the S.
  • Gran Piedra rises more than 5200 ft., the Ojo del Toro more than 33 00, the Anvil de Baracoa is somewhat lower, and Pan de Matanzas is about 1267 ft.
  • The range near Baracoa is extremely wild and broken.
  • At Esperanza and other places in the Santa Clara province, bituminous plant-bearing beds occur beneath the Tertiary limestones, and at Baracoa a Radiolarian earth occupies a similar position.
  • Bananas are grown particularly in the region about Nipe, Gibara and Baracoa, whence they are exported in large quantities, though there is a tendency to lessen their culture in these parts in favour of sugar.

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