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  • At its southern end it contracts and merges into the plain of Banias, thus enclosing Mount Hermon on its north-west and west sides; eastward from the Hasbany branch of the Jordan lies the meadow-land Merj `Iyun, the ancient Ijon (1 Kings xv.
  • The most abundant springs in Palestine are the sources of the Jordan at Banias and at Tell el-Kadi.
  • After being defeated by Saladin at Banias, the Franks were compelled to make a treaty with the Moslem leader.
  • Banias is a poor village inhabited by about 350 Moslems; all round it are gardens of fruit-trees.
  • A little later, however, he greatly improved his position by strengthening his alliance with the vizier of Damascus, who also had to fear the progress of Zengi (1140); and in this way he was able to capture the fort of Banias, to the N.

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