Sentence Examples

  • But if you want to ensure a lag-free experience in low settings, be sure to have at least a 2.0 Ghz CPU, 512 MB of RAM (minimum bandwith of PC3200), and a 128MB graphics card that supports the latest version of DirectX.
  • Users with high bandwith capability and high speed internet connects are automatically promoted to "Ultrapeer" within the Gnutella system.
  • The software eased bandwith demands on Gnutella, and the user friendly LimeWire system drew many P2P users to the Gnutella network.
  • Your connection and the bandwith of the station will both affect your ability to listen to music and the quality of the broadcast.
  • The reason is that because PSX ROMs require so much bandwith, keeping their site in the top sites helps continue their existence.